Retro Ski Lodge Block Party FAQs

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance to come to the Retro Ski Lodge Block Party?

No! It is not mandatory to purchase a ticket in advance (though it is encouraged). Pre-buying a ticket online does guarantee your entry. Tickets may be sold at the event based on capacity, but for an increased price. If you are buying a ticket the day-of, it is best to do so at official check-in (Hopsmith Tavern, 15 W. Division St).

How does this work? Can I just show up at any of the participating bars?

There is a preferred party route for the Bar Crawl. You are welcome to join in at any point but the goal is to make it to the end for closing prizes.

Promoted Fun at all Locations!

Hopsmith (Opening Ceremony/Official Check-In)

Coconutz (Celebrate like a Jamaican Bobsled Fan!/Cool Runnings)

The Lodge Tavern ( Meet and Greet with The Yeti)

Butch McGuire's (Adult Hot Chocolate, Irish coffee, Yeti Shots, and food specials!)

She-nannigans (Olympic Charades/Dance Off @ 3pm)

Original Mother's (Live Karaoke Jam)

Mother's Too (Live Music)

The Hangge-Uppe (Closing Ceremony Party)

What is all included in my Ticket?

Admission at all Venues, One Drink Voucher to be used on the crawl, Wild Festive Groups ready to Party, DJ and Olympic Watching Entertainment, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Access to Drink Specials, Shot Skis, Yeti Sightings & More.

Do I have to dress up?

It is strongly encouraged to dress and be prepared for a wild time. Ideas for things to wear can be: ski goggles, bright colors, spandex, leg warmers, any type of outerwear, vests, sunglasses, ear muffs, yeti costumes, and of course olympic gear.

How do I get there?

The Crawl is located on Rush and Division Street Bars, conveniently off of the Red Line Clark/Division stop.

Will there be a competition for best dressed?

Yes! At the closing ceremony at Hangge Uppe, bronze, silver, and gold medals will be awarded to the 3 levels of best dressed.

Are children allowed at the event?

No! This event is 21+ only.